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SG Heart Map releases mobile application featuring self-guided trails around Singapore

SG Heart Map tours mobile application. Photo Credit:


SG Heart Map releases mobile application featuring self-guided trails around Singapore

August 07, 2015

A new mobile application featuring trails around Singapore has been launched by SG Heart Map.Since last November, the SG Heart Map initiative has been collecting stories from Singaporeans about different places. Earlier this year, from more than 85,000 entries submitted, 50 spots were identified as most significant to people here, including Mount Faber Park and Punggol Waterway.

The new mobile application, called SG Heart Map Tours, features seven self-guided trails based on these spots. Five of them cover different areas of Singapore.

For instance, the South-West tour covers 15 places such as Haw Par Villa and West Coast Park.

The application detects users’ locations and provides them with information about each place including trivia and stories contributed by Singaporeans.

The remaining two trails focus on parks and food centres.

Minister Grace Fu, Co-Chair of the SG50 Environment and Infrastructure Committee overseeing the SG Heart Map project, on Friday (Aug 7) morning joined Singaporeans at the Woodlands Waterfront Park for the North-West tour.

Members of the public can download the android mobile application for free from Google Play. The Apple version will be released at the end of August.

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SG Heart Map launches app featuring self-guided trails in S’pore

SG Heart Map Tours

The SG Heart Map Tours Mobile App will allow people to go on their own tour of Singaporeans’ most loved places at their convenience.. Photo Credit:


SG Heart Map launches app featuring self-guided trails in S’pore

Aug 08, 2015

SG Heart Map has created a mobile app featuring trails located in five zones around Singapore, which include spots for foodies and nature-lovers to explore.

Since last year, the SG Heart Map project has collected more than 85,000 stories from Singaporeans about different places around the island. For the app, called SG Heart Map Tours, it has identified 50 places in the south-east, south-west, north-east, north-west and central parts of Singapore as significant to people here. Toa Payoh garnered the most stories among the towns and earned a spot among the 50, as did MacRitchie Reservoir, the Botanic Gardens, the two integrated resorts, and Pulau Tekong.

The app features self-guided trails of some of these areas, and can detect a user’s location and provide interesting trivia about places along each trail as he or she moves along.

The project also launched guided bus tours in June, on which all 10,000 spots have been snapped up.

On the app, sections have been added that will guide users on food expeditions and garden jaunts. It has listed 12 markets and food centres, including Chomp Chomp Food Centre, East Coast Lagoon Food Centre, Geylang Serai Market and Tiong Bahru Market, as well as 13 parks such as Chinese Garden, MacRitchie Reservoir, Punggol Waterway, and the Botanic Gardens.

Yesterday morning, Ms Grace Fu, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, joined a SG Heart Map North-West tour, and said the app would help more people visit the 50 places chosen by Singaporeans to be significant.

Users can go on self-guided tours, which will come in handy for individuals and families looking for activities to do over the long weekend, said Ms Fu, who is co-chair of the SG50 Environment and Infrastructure Committee overseeing the SG Heart Map project.

“By doing so, we hope Singaporeans are reconnected to the places that are important to them and also reconnected with one another. Because if you use the app, you’ll find beautiful descriptions by other Singaporeans of the places, so it’s a way of connecting with Singapore; it’s a way of connecting with fellow Singaporeans,” said Ms Fu, who is also Second Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, as well as Foreign Affairs.

The app also includes games, such as quizzes and puzzles, and allows users to take photos of places around Singapore. Users can also read stories submitted by fellow Singaporeans about these places, as well as add to the shared memories by submitting their own stories on the SG Heart Map portal.

The SG Heart Map Tours app is available for free from Google Play. It will be made available on the Apple App store from the end of the month.


SG Heart Map mobile app for self-guided tours launched

SG Heart Map mobile app for self-guided tours launched

The first instalment of the SG Heart Map, situated at the HDB Hub Mall. Photo Credit:


SG Heart Map mobile app for self-guided tours launched

August 08, 2015

A new mobile app that provides self-guided tours around Singapore has been launched.

The SG Heart Map Tours mobile app was made available after all 10,000 places for the SG Heart Map Tours were snapped up.

The series of tours was organised for Singaporeans to explore various locations across the island. There are five trails on the tours.

For those who missed out on the tours, the SG Heart Map Tours mobile app allows Singaporeans to discover iconic places at their own convenience. The app also provides information on the locations, which include Marina Bay Sands, East Coast Park and Sentosa. There are also two themed trails on popular food places and parks.

The app is available from Google Play for free, and will be available on the Apple App store at the end of the month.

“We hope that Singaporeans are reconnected to the places that are important to Singaporeans. And also reconnecting with one another, because as you read the app, you will find the beautiful experiences, the beautiful descriptions of the places that other Singaporeans have put it,” said Minister in Prime Minister’s Office Grace Fu. She was speaking on Friday (Aug 7) at one of the tours.


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SMEs to get help in adopting technologies

Featured News - Pocket Trips

SPRING’s CEO Tan Kai Hoe shares how innovation will help to propel companies forward in the market. Photo Credit:


SMEs to get help in adopting technologies

May 22, 2015

MORE than 400 Singapore small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will soon have improved access to technological innovations and digital and mobile marketing tools, with the launch of five new collaborative industry projects (CIPs) on Thursday.

Three of the five projects will help SMEs adopt radio frequency and identification (RFID) and image recognition technologies; the remaining two projects promise to boost their sales performance and their marketing and customer-engagement efforts.

The five CIPs were announced by Minister of State for Trade and Industry Teo Ser Luck at the inaugural SME Capabilities Forum.

The CIP scheme, established in 2013 with the support of Spring Singapore, encourages SMEs to pool their resources and to jointly develop solutions to raise productivity. SMEs are encouraged to form groups with other enterprises and industry partners such as trade associations to carry out these projects.

So far, more than 20 CIP projects have taken off, benefiting more than 300 SMEs.

For the RFID projects, Spring and A*Star teamed up and appointed three companies to develop:

  • the Smart Management Tracking System for the tracking of items;
  • Pocket Trips™, a mobile app for interactive outdoor learning trails; and
  • Knorex Arise, an augmented-reality platform to improve customer engagement.

To adopt those technologies, 200 SMEs will receive funding from Spring and technical expertise from A*Star.

Florence Toh, assistant general manager of fishball manufacturer Ha Li Fa, told The Business Times that the smart-tracking system would come in useful in tracking the baskets used to hold the company’s products during deliveries.

“The baskets often get lost, and each one costs S$20,” she said, adding that Ha Li Fa may also be able to use the Pocket Trips™ app for its annual staff-bonding trip overseas, although more details are needed before the company signs up for it.

One of the projects aimed at boosting SMEs’ sales, marketing and customer engagement is the Dodoca Integrated Mobile Marketing and Productivity Solution (DIMMPS) project.

Led by Dodoca Information Technology (S), it will provide about 150 heartland SMEs – among them are florists, clinics, jewellery stores and beauty salons – with an integrated IT solution based on the WeChat mobile app; with this, they can catch the wave of the online-to-offline mobile marketing trend.

WeChat has proven its usefulness in e-commerce and mobile marketing, particularly for businesses in China.

Dodoca Singapore’s executive chairman Lim Sah Soon told BT that a key feature of DIMMPS is the setting up of an official WeChat merchant account and online store, which will help HDB shopowners reach out to the mainland Chinese in Singapore.

He said: “For example, Chinese tourists usually go to Orchard Road to shop for branded goods, but neighbourhood shopping centres also sell such handbags and watches. With WeChat, some tourists will be drawn to the heartlands.”

Other DIMMPS features include an automated appointment scheduler and a customer-management system.

Complementing DIMMPS is the CIP led by Digital Influence Lab, which will provide training and consultancy to at least 50 SMEs in digital marketing capabilities; they will learn to map out a digital marketing strategy and implement digital marketing plans to expand overseas.

To sign up for CIPs, SMEs may contact the industry partner appointed for each project within the enrolment period. SMEs signed up for CIPs can get up to 70 per cent funding support for eligible adoption costs. They may also tap the Capability Development Grant for capability upgrading projects.

Spring’s chief executive Tan Kai Hoe said: “It is through innovation that companies stay ahead of the competition, strengthen operational efficiencies, increase market share, or even create new markets.”


Yusof Ishak Secondary School - Case Studies

Go on a trail to learn about Singapore’s Presidents

Yusof Ishak Secondary School - Case Studies

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Go on a trail to learn about Singapore’s Presidents

May 28, 2015

A HERITAGE trail about the lives and times of Singapore’s seven Presidents will be launched next Tuesday on the Pocket Trips™ SG50 Edition application.

Titled The Presidents’ Trail, it will highlight seven hot spots – one for each President. For instance, the lighthouse in The Fullerton Hotel represents former President S R Nathan’s time as a seaman’s welfare officer.
This is the first school-planned, person-based heritage trail to be launched, Yusof Ishak Secondary School (YISS) announced yesterday. The plan was initially mooted in April last year by Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yacob, who is also an MP for Jurong GRC.

“It is such a marvellous opportunity for Singaporeans as a whole to connect with their past Presidents and to know them in greater depth,” said Madam Halimah, the guest of honour at a preview tour of the trail yesterday.
Miss Wee Eng Hwa, daughter of the late President Wee Kim Wee, also attended the preview tour. “It gives people a sense of history, and people with a sense of history are able to withstand whatever odds they face,” the 73-year-old lawyer said.

The trail is part of mySG Trails and Exhibitions – a series of heritage trails designed, developed and implemented by students – launched by theMinistry of Education (MOE). Ms Marilyn Soh, assistant director of the humanities branch of MOE’s curriculum planning and development division, said the aim is to get students to “craft their own understanding of the Singapore story”.

Sherlyn Lim, 15, a Secondary 3 student at YISS, said she learnt a lot doing research for the trail.
“I never knew Dr Wee Kim Wee was modest and selfless. It was inspiring,” she said.

The Pocket Trips™ SG50 Edition app can be downloaded from the GoogleApp Store. An iPhone version is being developed but the release date has not been given.