The 4G Smart Helmet is a high-definition device with 4G image transmission and thermal imaging function. The product uses ‘Qualcomm’ high-speed processor set high-definition video, audio, 3G/4G and wifi wireless communication module, GPS storage, alarm module and infrared temperature measurement. It can be widely used in railway transportation, electric power, mining, police, fire control and other departments.

Product Capabilities & Features

  • Video button to record the situation on the spot
  • Laser light & flashlight
  • A shout function to actively call multiple front-end device equipment, suitable for issuing an announcement
  • Remote retrieval of videos/photos from the PU device or from the NRU central storage
  • Wireless video server supports timed snapshot photos on the device side to upload to the SERVER, which can be connected to monitor, retrieve, download and view
  • Video & GPS track playback


More About Smart Helmet

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