The Beacon Card & Wearable Tracker allows for location tracking of personnel (ie frontline staff & patients) as well as to retrace the movement of a person who had contracted Covid-19 and those that he had come into contact with down to 2m-5m accuracy. A customised mobile app can be created to enable frontline staff to use their phones running as transmitters in the background.

The issued beacon cards can also be geo-fenced to alert management on people who have breached stay-at-home or quarantine rules by stepping out of their assigned blocks/apartment or who have entered into any out-of-bound areas at any time of the day.

Product Capabilities & Features
  • Non-contact temperature measurement (±0.3°C)
  • Mask detection and warning
  • Non-contact automatic disinfection
  • Customised voice broadcast for epidemic prevention reminder
  • One-button alarm to the contact control center when there’s an emergency
  • Joystick remote control to operate robot smoothly & flexibly



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