The BellaBot is a cute but powerful open delivery robot that delivers items in indoor premises. It’s an interactive robot that has the favourable features of the first generation PuduBot, such as, the four layers large-size tray structure, highly precise positioning and navigating capability, excellent obstacle avoidance,stable and efficient scheduling system.

Product Features

  • Sesnor trays for contactless delivery
  • Achieves 400x of food delivery per day
  • AI voice and light interaction
  • 3D obstacle avoidance
  • Independent interlinked suspension to prevent spillage
  • Extremely cute design

More About BellaBot


The intelligent AI voice system allows for communication with humans


Different task states trigger corresponding light effect interactions


Sensor trays allows BellaBot to confirm completion of delivery task and automatically perform the next task


Has advanced tactile feedback system and dozens of smart expressions for interactions

If interested, please contact

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