The Aimbot is a multi-roles robot that is perfect for indoor environment where there is a huge flow of people. It can perform multiple tasks to help with the public epidemic control. It can take a wide range of non-contact temperature screening for large flows of people, via the infrared temperature measurement. It has has a real-time mask detection and an automatic voice reminder for those who are walking around without a mask. It is equipped with the disinfection module for automatic disinfection. It can help broadcast messages about epidemic prevention while patrolling indoors.

Product Features

  • Non-contact temperature measurement (±0.3°C)
  • Mask detection and warning in real time
  • Non-contact automatic disinfection
  • Customised voice broadcast for epidemic prevention reminder
  • Environment status detection such as PM2.5, humidity and temperature
  • All sorts of data is collected for analysis so as to assist in critical decision making



Aimbot at Shenzhen No.3 People’s Hospital


Aimbot at Corporate Groups

More About Aimbot


Infrared temperature measurement of a capacity of ~15 people, up to a distance of 2.5m to 3.5m


Real-time temperature monitoring and early warning


Mask detection and warning through automatic voice reminder or voice intercom from Control Center


Customisable broadcasting voice for the epidemic prevention reminder

icon-16litres- disinfectant-spray

Automatic disinfection can be loaded with regular disinfectants; each Aimbot can contain about 16L


24 hours disinfection service for large areas


All sorts of data is collected for analysis so as to assist critical decision making


Monitoring of environment status like humidity & temperature

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