Multi-roles Robots

Multi-roles Robots (MRR) can be programmed to patrol both indoor and outdoor environments to conduct mass temperature screening and compliance checks in heavy traffic areas such as foreign workers dormitories, public parks, schools and places of worship during regular working hours; and to carry out area sanitisation functions during non-office hours.

Properly sequenced, these 24/7 robots can result in huge savings in manpower cost & efficiency as one MRR could carry out the role of 5 people; and play a significant roles in protecting healthcare workers from possible carriers of Covid-19 or prolong exposure to disinfection while carrying out their duties.



Atris is an all purpose robot that is perfect for outdoor application. It is programmed to perform multiple tasks like body temperature measurement, mask detection, emergency calls and disinfection for large areas.



Aimbot is an all purpose robot that is perfect for indoor application. It is programmed to perform major tasks like body temperature measurement and mask detection on a large group of people. It is also capable of automatic disinfection while patrolling around.