Pocket Trips

A fully web-based authoring platform for anyone without programming knowledge to create highly interactive app content with just drag and drop. Use it to enhance customer engagement, build location-based services, or create engaging self guided walking tours for your visitors!

App Development

Featuring Location-based technology such
GPS, Beacons, Image Recognition, Augmented Reality, Gamification

e-Learning & Courseware Development

Over the span of three years, LDR has successfully delivered more than 200 titles of e-Learning coursewares for several training institutes in the Singapore Armed Forces. LDR has also undertaken many successful e-Learning projects for Nanyang Technological University, Ministry of Manpower and ST Electronics.

Mobile Trails

Harnessing on the functions and capabilities of Pocket Trip, LDR has rolled out various mobile trails that are designed to be immersive, informative, self-directed and even collaborative. With the different location based triggering functions, information or stories will be pushed to participants only when they are at designated locations. This allows participants to pay more attention to their surroundings and spend more time interacting with their friends or team mates. With this, LDR has been conducting specially curated trails for the Ministry of Education, Singapore Armed Forces and various corporates.

Interactive Heritage Trails (iHTs) for Ministry of Education (MOE) Registered Schools

With the award of a master contract, LDR has been conducting the iHTs, since its launch in 2012. The MOE Humanities, Curriculum Planning & Development Division designed the iHTs based on current syllabus and schools can now send their students, anytime throughout the academic year to the different precincts to learn more about the different culture and heritage in Singapore today. With 7 distinct precincts, namely Chinatown, Kampong Glam, Little India, Civic District, Singapore River, Fort Canning and Central Business District, schools can choose from a total of 39 trails, each with a different focal theme and differentiated by Primary, Secondary or Tertiary standards. With the aid of mobile devices and being at the actual sites of historical events, students are engaged more cognitively, socially and emotionally.

Total Defence Trails for Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)

LDR has also been conducting National Education focused trails for the various units in the SAF. To increase the level of participation, trails are conducted in either the learning focused manner or team bonding focused manner. For the team bonding focused trails, elements of “Amazing Race” and Treasure Hunts are incorporated into the trail. Participants are now tasked at finding checkpoints which are linked to either Total Defence messages or historical events. With Pocket Trips, LDR has been able to conduct the trails for group size, up to 500 pax using concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and results for the winners can be retrieved immediately with the Leader board function. This form of conduct naturally ignites the energy and excitement within the participants and by completing and doing the various form of activities at each checkpoint, camaraderie within the team is slowly built up with the members having a common memory of and with each other, while learning more about Total Defence.

Collaborative learning trails for Corporates

Other than the 2 ministries, LDR has conducted various mobile trails for different organisations with different needs. Trails to allow opportunities for bonding; trails to allow evaluation on one’s leadership potential; and trails as a platform to display corporate values. LDR will listen and understand the objectives to be achieved by the organisations and will propose various manner of conduct and activities to help organisations reach their goals.